The Luxurious Sugarcane Gin of Africa

Umodzi Gin’s distinct flavour is defined by quality sugarcane, grown in the copper-coloured earth, deep in the lush Eswatini vegetation.

This beautiful ingredient is shredded and pressed until luscious liquid flows into the heart of the copper still – here it ages patiently up to 10 days until the flavour is rich and full bodied, ready for the first distillation.

Distellery where Umodzi Gin is made

Award Winning Distillery

Now this is where the magic begins through distillation at our award-winning distillery, our team here have amassed over 50 internationally recognised awards including the highly coveted IWSC and OSC competitions held annually in London.

A Sophisticated Take on Tradition

Our flavours in our Sugarcane Gin are influenced by recipes handed down over generations through farmers and traders from the coastal plains to the depths of Sub Saharan Africa.

We’ve created an opulent take on these recipes, containing twelve high quality botanicals from twelve countries across Africa with the rich sugarcane base to create this luxurious Gin.

Lady sitting with a bottle of Umozdzi Gin
Barman making cocktails with Umodzi Gin

For the Discerning Connoisseur

Your nose immediately awakens to sweet mango and citrus fruits. Our juicy mangoes are selected by hand along the crystal blue shores of Lake Malawi where the fruit ranks as a top export.

Mouth-watering citrus fruits are gently infused with tangy hibiscus freshly harvested from the urban roof garden on top of our distillery in the heart of Jozi. This is balanced with sweet chamomile hand-picked from the Manguang forest fringes, creating a nostalgic sensation on the palate with the familiar use of gin classics including juniper, coriander and angelica root.

Quality Ingredients

Three types of cardamom complement the citrus and spices. The first of these is korarima, part of the ginger family, grown over many centuries by Lake Tana in Ethiopia – known for adding depth of flavour and heat to traditional Ethiopian coffee. Our second and third variants of atiko cardamom are grown wild and hand-picked by tribes from deep in the Cameroon and Ghanaian tropics.

Your palette feels the heat as we finish the journey from the western coast through Senegal, Nigeria, Mali and down through the Democratic Republic of Congo. The sharp warm aroma of black pepper and intriguing spice of Ehuru are harvested in huge quantities in Nigeria and are a strong contributor to the economy.

Combined with the finest African pepper pods, grains of selim and more we have a luxurious gin that packs a punch and has influence from across the continent.

Umodzi Gin bottle
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